About us


SFS (Solutions from Source) is a project made by a team of programmers and electronic systems engineers who worked for years in Smart Phones technology field.

SFS idea came up from the needs of features that SFS service can provide, cause what we made in this project is not existed on the enternet ... Why ?

During years of hard working dealing with complicated problems and fighting to solve them, we have been analysing all the informations, difficulties and obstacles in this technology and the way to handle them and finally we came up with SFS to give you the keys of solutions and to save your time so you can spend more time analysing more informations and solving more problems, cause we already did the big part for you so you don't need to waste more time on search engines or websites, analysing schematics and PCBs. Relax we did all this.

SFS allows you to join our team also by adding your own experiance and solutions, making this available for other users to see and learn.

Our support team always ready to help, just email us on: