Apple fixed the security bug in iOS 10.1.1

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Apple iOS 10.2 went through seven beta tests before the public release. This update includes several major features and many bug fixes.

iOS 10.1.1 had a bug in ( Find My iPhone ) option .. How.!?:

if you have an iPhone with iOS 8 or iOS 9 and you want to update to iOS 10.1.1 you will notes that after finishing the update if you enter to Setting> iCloud and check the ( Find My iPhone ) option, you will find it ( OFF ). whats the problem in that ..?:

Well the problem is that if the ( Find My iPhone ) option is OFF, any one can sign out from icloud and the your iPhone wont ask for account password to confirm the signing out, in this case you lost your iPhone .

But thanks Apple for Fixing this problem and keeping our iPhone more secure.

You can install iOS 10.2 by connecting your device to iTunes or downloading it by going to Settings > General > Software Update. The iOS 10.2 update is available for the following devices: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later and iPod touch 6th generation and later.


IOS 10.2

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