No Touch ICs in the IPhone 6S/6Splus

Saturday, September 3, 2016

When you compare between the IPhone 6/splus  board and the IPhone 6S/6Splus, you can easily tell that the Touch & Display system has changed.

According to our analyses and hardware studying and troubleshooting, both IPhone 6 and IPhone 6plus suffered from a real problem in the Touch system. The two Touch controller ICs are easy to crack and loose connection with the IPhone Board (PCB). There is a small IC which responsible for supplying the two Touch controller ICs with the needed power. SFS Programe users know that we explained the troubleshooting steps for this problem and how to solve it showing all the responsible components and the testing sequence and principles.

IPhone 6S/6Splus wont suffer from same problem cause the touch controllers are integrated in the CPU and there are two ICs responsible for supplying the touch circuit with the needed power, one of them is the main power IC. SFS service gives you the full troubleshooting sequence if you faced any problem with IPhone 6S/6Splus touch.

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