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Start Today and Solve Your iPhone Problems Faster, Cause SFS will Make it Quick, Easy and Simple by Taking You Step by Step to the Solution. "How!?"...

The answer is simple: SFS will give you the solutions and troubleshooting guides for almost all the problems you could face with iPhone devices. Instead of spending hours on the internet searching and reading, the SFS software has one Magic button for you: "Solution" what you have to do is, choose your iPhone model and select the problem then click the magic button and you will be impressed. SFS will bring you the solution in seconds.

If you are searching for specific solutions for a problem that is not in SFS list, don't worry just click the "ASK" button, write what you want exactly and send to us. Our support team will analyze your request and give you a feedback. Besides the problem keywords will be added to SFS programs list so you can get the solution any time you want.


  • How to get SFS Software?

First you must choose one of the SFS plans depending on how much time you need to use the service. The SFS software files are available you only need to press the download button. After downloading the files you can install the SFS software on your PC easily.

Within the SFS files there is a user guide you explaining how to register in the database and login to the software. Our support team will be with you step by step.



  • Using SFS software.

After activating your account you will be able to get access to the main interface and use all the features that SFS can provide.

One of the power points in SFS software that it's easy to use, just put the mouse on any part of the interface and a tip will appear showing the information you need.

But we will tell you what to do first:

 -Press Refresh.

Press this button after you get access to the main interface, Then the program will:
1- scan the database and bring the problems list to you so you can choose.
2- View SFS service news in the interface.



  • Can I save my own solutions?

SFS software Gives you a nice form to save your own information, experiments or solutions. You only need to press (Add Solution) button and SFS will take you to a new interface where you can choose iPhone model, write or choose problem, write your solution steps, notes and add your solution picture.


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SFS - Plan 1

SFS Service for single user (1 PC)
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SFS service for single user ( 1 PC )
€103.29 €95.52

SFS - Plan 3

SFS Service for single user (1 PC)

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SFS Service Software FREE Trial Version