SFS Software Version 2.5

Sunday, January 7, 2018

SFS Software Version 2.5

We have been working hard and thinking about what makes a SFS user more happy and comfortable with our service

and software interface. According to the experience we had and the user's requests we received, we found that our vision 

about SFS matchs the user needs and aspirations.

SFS Software is the first in the world of it's kind, and with a powerful and active team behind working daily to make it better,

we promise to make SFS more interactive to help the users not only repair their iPhones but learn more and more about this


More Efficient Feedback.

We improved the feedback messages and error reporting system to make it easir for the user to know what's going on while

proceeding a request or an operation, and give a spisific report to SFS support in case something goes wrong. 


SFS Solutions List.

We added the list of solutions that SFS service provides. All you need is to press one button.

SFS Solutions List 

You can check faster if the solution you need is there or not, and if it's not please feel free to request it.



We added a User ID card to help SFS users know their profile information like:

User name, Level, Plan, Startdate, Enddate, Number of Posts.

The user could get this information by clicking the user ID button:

SFS User ID Button

SFS V2.5 Is More Efficient.

Now SFS software is 90% threaded so the Windows OS won't bather the user with "Not Responding" problem. 

Bug fixes has been done in the registration process and main interface.


We would like to appreciate your support for SFS Service, and we are so happy to have more people, technicians and repair centers joining us. We are always ready to help and support, you only need to ask.


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